Monday, August 23, 2010

Big Data - Now and the future

Data, data and more data !! The era of big data is upon us. Tera byte data sets are slowly becoming common place and exa and peta byte data sets are expected soon.

What are the underlying trends that caused the explosion of big data - or more aptly semi structured big data? On the web, the first one is the rise of Web search and the second one is the rise of social networking.

Search companies like Google needed a way to index the entire web on their machines. Google came up with the concept of MapReduce - a data processing framework on commodity machines to do this cost effectively. Open source implementations of MapReduce- named 'Hadoop' soon followed to solve these data processing issues. Social networking also required that the Facebooks and LinkedIns of the world , store huge amounts of user generated data coming in at a very high rate. They then had to index it, analyze it and generate insights from it to drive further user adoption and virality. A lot of this data was semi-structured( did not fit in a database neatly) and required a lot more computation to generate insights, than the traditional BI model.
This is leading to the rise of the so called Big Data Stack at consumer internet companies and it has five major components

Big Data Storage : NOSQL databases - Cassandra/Voldemort, HDFS, HBase
Big Data Indexing and index storage : Lucene, Katta or NOSQL stores like above; Zoie (real time indexing from Linkedin) ; Bobo for faceted search
Big Data Processing and Analytics: Hadoop, Hive, Pig
Big Data Workflows: Oozie( Yahoo), Azkaban(Linkedin), Cascading(Chris Wenzel)
Big Data and Big Log transportation : Chukwa, Flume, Scribe etc
Big Data Intelligence : Mahout (A Machine Learning framework -that can run on top of Hadoop)
Big Data Sharding: Gizzard ( A middleware sharding framework developed by Twitter)

(The exact use cases of the above stack and the variations at various internet companies merits its own discussion and is outside the scope of this article; I will address this in another post.)

Traditional Fortune 500 enterprises have long relied on an enterprise architecture stack consisting of RDBMS and BI software running on high-end servers; However, there was no good way to handle unstructured and semi structured data until recently. As more ideas like user generated data percolate from the consumer internet into the enterprise, enterprises are beginning to see the same big data issues that were first experienced in consumer internet space. There is also a growing realization that data can now be processed cost effectively to generate hidden insights and drive competitive advantage.

However today's CIO's lack the tools needed to manage this data. Even though this new stack and frameworks are getting mature, the skillsets currently needed by the IT staff to handle these new frameworks is very high. And every CIO is pressed on budget and under pressure to deliver value to their business using minimal staff. I think we will see a lot of tools and processes develop around big data ti ease the transition to the enterprise.

It should be an interesting space to watch!!


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